Choco Caramel Large Bag

Choco Caramel Large Bag

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A marvelous cross between chocolate and caramel flavors, this popcorn combines the two into something truly delicious! Perfect for a midnight snack!

*Popcorn comes in sizes of small, medium, and large. Each size is listed separately on our website.


Sugar, caramel (corn syrup solids, brown sugar, dark molas-
ses granules [cane sugar, molasses, caramel color], soy lecit-
hin, cream of tartar), chocolate (corn syrup solids, sugar, co-
coa, soy lecithin, artificial flavors, cream of tartar), popcorn
kernels, water, oil (coconut oil, beta carotene [color], artificial
flavor), butter (cream [milk], natural flavorings), salt (salt, artif-
icial butter flavor, fd&c yellow #5 & #6 lake), soybean oil, soy-
bean lecithin.

*Contains: Soy, Milk

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